Snowbird & Vacant Home Management

Owning multiple homes can be a lot to manage. Seasonal properties still require regular monitoring and upkeep. Don’t be weighed down by maintenance obligations when you are away.

Tradewind’s Snowbird and Vacant Home Management lets you enjoy your time away without worrying about what you’ll come home to. Our home monitoring plans provide regular visits to take care of routine maintenance and check for any signs of damage.

We ensure all interior and exterior concerns are managed to keep your property ready for your return at any time.

A few examples of Our Services:

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly Inspections
  • Storm Checks
  • Monitor Thermostats
  • Remove newspapers/flyers etc.
  • Run Faucets/Flush Toilets
  • Inspect Windows/Doors
  • Lawn Mowing/Watering

Snowbird & Vacant Home Management

Whether you’re gone for an extended vacation, headed south for the winter, or own a 2nd home,
our Snowbird & Vacant Home Monitoring gives you peace of mind that your biggest assets are looked after.

Our agents are trained in residential property management, and provide you with all essential updates and inspection details you need to travel with confidence.



No Contracts

We bill all our services on an individual or monthly basis. No long term contracts. Fees can be paid by check, credit card or auto deducted from your bank account. If paying by credit card a 3% convenience fee will be assessed to the total amount. 3% nominal service fee applied for scheduling/coordinating repairs and services. Cost of services performed by vendors/contractors are separate from service pricing.


Inspections are done Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Weekly Service Clients receive 1 evening or weekend inspection per month. 

22 Point Checklist

  • Safety (signs of forced entry)
  • Windows (frames, locks, screens)
  • Doors (frames, locks, handles)
  • Curb Appeal (paper/flyer removal)
  • Check downspouts
  • Perimeter Walk (gates, fences, sheds)
  • Garbage Service (take in/out trash and recycling bins)
  • Smoke/CO Alarms (test, compliance)
  • Thermostat Check (interior temp/exterior temp)
  • AC & Furnace
  • Faucets (sinks, tubs, showers, exterior)
  • Toilets (flush/run)
  • Refrigerator/Freezers (function, seals, leaks)
  • Dishwasher (run on rinse cycle)
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Pests (interior cupboards/closets, exterior)
  • Garage (operation, door, motor, openers)
  • Interior (walls, ceilings, floors)
  • Plants (water*, rotate*)
  • Condensation
  • Electrical (lights, switches, set up rotation*)
  • Vendor Evaluation (cleaners, landscapers, snow removal, pool)*

*as necessary

Additional Services/Coordination

  • Storm Damage Checks:  $10-$25/inspection based on location/scope of visit.
  • Winterization and de-winterization
  • Lawn mowing
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Sprinklers

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